Palm Beach Gardens Softball - FAQ

What are the age divisions?

  • Tball – ages 4, 5, 6
  • 8U – ages 7 and 8
  • 10U – ages 9 and 10
  • 12U – ages 11 and 12
  • 14U – ages 13 and 14 

Are there boundaries?

When are practices and games?
The schedule cannot be determined until registration is complete. 

How many games and practices will my daughter have each week?
It may depend on the age division and the number of teams in a given season. Typically, most teams will play two games and have one practice per week. 

What happens after I register?
If your daughter is in the Tball or 8U division you will hear from your coach as to the team’s first practice date. For 10U and older divisions players must attend an evaluation in order to make teams as balanced as possible. These players will be contacted once the draft is held.

What is the refund policy?
During the registration period, the non-refundable fees are as follows: $10 cancellation fee, $10 Blue Sombrero, $30 Non-Resident Fee (if applicable) and the $15 YAA fee. After registration closes but before uniforms are ordered, the non-refundable fees are as follows $25 cancellation fee, $10 Blue Sombrero Fee, $30 Non-Resident Fee (if applicable) and the $15 YAA fee. Once uniforms are ordered there will be no refunds given.

What equipment/uniforms does the League provide?
Each registered player receives a visor, jersey and socks. Shorts are also provided for our Tball players. You will be responsible for softball pants and belt(optional based on team preference). You also must provide a helmet with face mask, fielding glove and cleats. Many coaches will have bats to share if you do not have one. PBG Softball also has equipment that can be borrowed.